Triple Spice Golden Latte

In the lush surroundings of southern India and Sri Lanka the most aromatic spices known are hand harvested. Triple Spice Golden Latte (formerly “TurmaMilk Golden Milk Mix” – same formula, different look) is a combination of certified organic turmeric powder plus certified organic true Sri Lanka cinnamon and organic ginger. That’s why Triple Spice Golden Latte makes the most delicious, fragrant turmeric milk possible, known as Golden Milk.


Even though everyone is stuck inside doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop being active. Sometimes being active causes strain and pain! This is a fast-acting complex made with nine different essential oils, creating a synergistic power that is unmatched. These oils, combined, have an extensive cooling action on the nerve endings and support inflammation response.⁣⁣


Only Lavenol is truly wild, high-mountain Turkish lavender of the finest quality available. It is aromatic to the extreme. Use it in a diffuser or through any other means to infuse it into the air.

Where in the World: Fair Trade Products

Ms. Judy Gray spends her time traveling the globe in search of the BEST natural ingredients! A couple years ago Ms. Judy spoke with the president of the Small Organics Farmer Association (SOFA) in Sri Lanka as they discussed Free-Trade products and how they benefit the community.