North American Herb & Spice’s Shipping Policy

Items ordered from will arrive within 5-7 business days of order (orders are not shipped on weekends – please allow additional time if your order was placed on a weekend day.) authorization via UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. In the event a product is back ordered, an email will be sent to the customers attention with expected dates of fulfillment and options for an equitable arrangement. A tracking number will be available upon request within 72 hours of order entry by email at [email protected]. Please reference your Order ID in the subject line for the email request.

International orders

In the event that an order is placed outside the US it may take additional time for you to receive your order. We promise to get your order to you as quick as we possibly can. International items are shipped at the customer’s risk. North American Herb & Spice is not responsible for items being confiscated at the border, you as the customer are required to know your country’s laws before ordering.

North American Herb & Spice is not responsible for confiscated items.

Once an item ships internationally, it is out of our control.

Shipping Cost Details

Canada 0% 10-20% GST
United Kingdom 0% 20%
Saudi Arabia 0% 0% $14.00
India 10% 12%
Australia 0% 10%
United Arab Emirates 0% 5% $20.00
Kuwait 0% 0%
Philippines 5% 12%
Germany 5% 16%
France 0% 10%
Singapore 0% 7%
Netherlands 0% 9%
China 0% 13%
Israel 0% 13% $15.00
Mexico 0% 4%
Ireland 0% 23%
Japan 0% 9%
South Korea 0% 10%
Spain 0% 21%
Czechia 0% 10%
Sweden 0% 10%
Turkey 0% 8%
Switzerland 0% 8%