ChagaChunks, Plain & Creamy

ChagaChunks, Plain & Creamy, is a highly nutritious way to get your daily dose of wild chaga. Loaded with organic, nutrient-dense ingredients like cocoa butter, wild carob, raw, wild honey, and sunflower seed butter, it is both nutritious and delicious. Enjoy! Seasonal product, sold from October to May.

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Product Details

A delicious way to get your chaga in this carob, cocoa butter, sunflower seed butter, & wild, raw honey treat. ChagaChunks are 100% raw, no chocolate added and free of all refined sugar. Loaded with organic ingredients that support a healthy overall body energy and strength response. So tasty, you’ll want to eat them all in one sitting!

What Is Chaga? from North American Herb and Spice on Vimeo.

How to Take

Eat 2-3 chunks per day for the most effective results.

What’s Inside


The best carob grows wild in the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean. It is either dried into a powder or can be boiled to make a delicious, highly nutritious molasses-like concentrate, a centuries-old process. With its malt-like sugars aiding in a healthy probiotic response it als acts as a dependable, natural, and safe laxative. It's the best chocolate replacement with nearly as high an ORAC at some 800 units per tablespoon. Carob powder is healthy, too, being high in vitamins and minerals and is an ideal option for those sensative to chocolate (as found in ChagaChunks).
Beneficial For:
Digestive System
Whole Food


Wild chaga is the richest known source of that all-important antioxidant enzyme which protects the body tissues, SOD (superoxide dismutase). It is also a dense source of melanin, beta glucan, an immune potentiator, biological sterols, vitamin D2, and rare trace minerals. These rare trace minerals incude rubidiium, cesium, and germanium. This is what makes wild chaga an ideal whole food supplement to support a healthy anti-aging and whole body function response, the optimal daily adaptogen.
Beneficial For:
Men's Health

Sunflower Seed Vitamin E

Only non-GMO sources of vitamin E should be consumed, like sunflower seed oil vitamin E. This vitamin E is highly powerful as a full-spectrum complex. It is a rich source of all the various isomers of vitamin E plus tocotrienols. Use it both as capsules and topically in dropper form and also as sublingual drops.

ChagaChunks, Plain & Creamy is a good source of

Phenolic Compounds
Vitamin E

Full Ingredient List

Raw cocoa butter

Raw, wild honey

Raw sunflower seed butter

Raw carob powder

Raw, wild chaga powder

Rice bran

Natural sea salt



Fiber cracker
Nut Butter⁣
1/2 Banana⁣
Handful of pumpkin seeds⁣
Pumpkin spice and cinnamon ⁣


Cut up the banana in thin circles. Spread the nut butter on the fiber cracker (or your choice of whole grain). Sprinkle chagachunks and pumpkin seeds. Add a dash of pumpkin spice and cinnamon. ⁣

Energy-Boosting Smoothie

INGREDIENTS ⬇️⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
1/2 banana⁣
1/4 cup chaga chunks blended in⁣
1/4 cup frozen cherries⁣
1/2 frozen strawberries⁣
1 tsp chia seeds⁣
1 tsp flax seeds⁣
1/2 cup almond milk ⁣
Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend well. Top with extra ChagaChunks!


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