It’s Not Just the Immune System

Taking good care of yourself daily produces the greatest benefits for building and maintaining a happy and healthy life. Good “Self-Care” means always seeking to enrich the mind, body, and spirit with the best tools available that help achieve a higher level of being. That’s the reason we are on this journey called life.

I find it fascinating that addressing only mind, or only body, or only spirit is not enough to raise our personal potential. To feed the mind constant information and ignore the other two components can’t last long. Without a healthy body the mind cannot function properly or indefinitely. Further, to feed the mind corrupt information will certainly corrupt and damage the spirit. The unfortunate thing is a sick, corrupted person filled with hate, envy, and a murderous spirit believes this is normal and acceptable behavior. So much information floods every aspect of our lives, and confusion reigns. Thus, the following suggestions are simple guideline for a better, healthier, and prosperous life.

Can bad food make people feel and act bad? You bet it can! Food poisoning can ravage the body in painful and disgusting ways, and it may seem like there is no relief in sight. Yet, GingaMax Tea, GreensFlush, Total Body Purge, Oreganol Oil and OregaBiotic will soothe and make you feel like living again. Drugs can cause hallucinations and abnormal thinking.

In the United States our food sources are so contaminated by GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, toxic chemicals, acid rain, radiation, toxic processing/ manufacturing procedures, and more that it’s a miracle that any of us survive. Human survival really is miraculous considering the multitude of assaults on our minds, bodies, and spirits, but is it merely survival that we hope to sustain? I say there is so much more to life, and this is a guidepost to stronger and healthier lives. Will this be a support for the immune system? Yes, and these are proven tools which are the best you can easily adopt.

Mind: The mind and body are virtually inseparable. If you have a severe headache or migraine, you cannot function properly or even think. These terrible, painful events begin in the digestive tract. Most headaches are due to dreadful food allergies. Yet, Greens Flush and Total Body Purge can keep a migraine from manifesting if taken when the first symptoms appear. These wonderful raw green “foods” protect the body from hours of needless pain and agony. They are not touted as cures. Both are tools I’ve used to protect myself and prevent unmerciful pain from migraine ordeals. These wonderful wild handpicked greens are unusually beneficial for the friendly bacteria in the micro biome. Thus, the friendly bacteria thrive and grow unhampered by toxic substances/treatments that would otherwise be used as pain killers that are harmful and addictive. Furthermore, natural supplements, not the synthetic ones, are a better choice to keep the brain healthy and thoughts productive. Appropriate cofactors, coenzymes, and minerals must be present for cellular absorption of all nutrients. These necessary elements are not available in synthetic supplements, so proper absorption and cellular usage of these man-made products are unlikely.

B vitamins which are in many of North American Herb and Spice Products are vital to protect the mind from depression, anxiety, and low tolerance. Purely B, PurelyPaks, Royal Power, Chaga, and PurelyLiver are some of the real food supplement sources for the vital B vitamin family. The B Complex vitamins work together for the best results. Synthetic and single B vitamins which contain no cofactors for absorption can be harmful. When you see the B vitamins listed in dosages of 50 mgs or higher, you can be certain they are synthetic. Keeping the brain fully functioning with the nutrients it needs is a means of maintaining a healthier mind and thoughts.

PolarPower is the fish oil supplement which provides the essential fatty acids for maintaining a healthy brain. The brain is nearly 60 % fat, and the essential fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, are mandatory for prevention of disease, excellent brain performance, and a fully functioning mind. This is so important that two Polar Power capsules are part of the daily use Purely Pak. This fish oil supplement is made from the freshest source that is the purest and most nutrient rich available from hand caught sockeye salmon. It is not produced from factory ships which are out in the ocean for a year at a time from which most common brands of fish oils are produced. Rancidity is a common issue among the highly refined fish oil supplements in the marketplace today. Plus, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K are lost in the refining process. Polar Power has it all—fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids, and astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant and immune system protector. Protect your brain and mind daily with this powerful, clean, natural, unaltered supplement.

The mind is a powerful tool and an unmeasurable blessing. Its power is limited only by the limitations imposed upon it. However, a healthy brain is the mainstay for the miraculous thoughts and abilities that the mind can create. Today, we are seeing brains shrinking and aging as never before. Our toxic world is, indeed, a major factor. However, what is consumed on a daily basis is certainly the most important factor. Sugar is a common example. It’s totally lacking in any health-giving properties and refined white sugar is mostly GMO. It stiffens red blood cells and impedes their function. Studies show that sugar also causes the reactivity of white blood cells to be reduced by 40 % after consumption of a liter bottle of soda or 100 grams of refined sugar. Further it can disable the immune system up to 4 or 5 hours. High levels of glucose in the brain damages blood vessels, causing cellular damage and oxygen depletion. Memory and cognitive deficiencies and brain inflammation are common with high sugar intake. It is a definite fact that a “mind is a terrible thing to lose.” So good food and supplements, adequate sleep, and continuous learning help the mind to fully develop and protect the body and spirit.

Body: The resilience of a body starts before birth. If Mom and Dad are alcoholics, drug abusers, and fast-food junkies, the body of their baby will be seriously challenged and weakened. If Mom and Dad make every effort to be healthy before and after conception and during pregnancy, then the child is likely to be born strong and healthy. Plus, the parents are healthy and prepared to provide a good family environment.

That really isn’t surprising, but how much thought is given to preparation for bringing children into the world. It’s no surprise that infertility is increasing and infant death rates and severe childhood illnesses in the United States are about the same or even worse than poor third world nations. Cancer in the 1920’s and 30’s was found in around 1 out of 11 people. In the 1960’s it was about 1 out of 6. Today some form of cancer is found in 1 out of 2 people. With billions spent on cancer research, it’s obvious we are going in the wrong direction. Certainly, we need to explore or admit why the USA is on pace with third world nations with elevated death rates and poor overall health.

Our bodies contain approximately 70 trillion cells of which about one-third are human cells. However, it seems even that number is debatable and human cells may number even be less. Still, we know for sure that “other” types of living organisms/microorganisms outnumber human cells. As we begin to understand the importance of these facts and learn how to deal with these foreign entities, health standards and care will certainly change. Currently, if a body has low oxygen levels and a plethora of cancer cells, then the weakest part of the body will be afflicted. Cancer cannot grow and thrive in an oxygen rich environment. By increasing the natural oxygen levels in human cells, it could well lead to cancer control or even elimination within the body. There are many other examples of feeding and caring for the body properly that enhance quality and, perhaps, length of life.

Protein is a necessity for building and maintaining human cells. That includes cellular growth and repair, production of hormones and neurotransmitters, building strong muscles and beautiful, hair, skin, and nails, maintaining a strong immune system, proper food breakdown and healthy digestion, a source of energy and even blood sugar balance. Important protein sources are further broken down into over 20 amino acids which our bodies require. They are derived from plant and animal sources such as hemp, peanuts, yogurt, cheeses, whey, eggs, quinoa, fonio, amaranth, beans and lentils, flax, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and sesame seeds. Chickpeas are high in the essential amino acid lysine, which is low or deficient in many plant foods. I don’t recommend soy, since it is likely to be GMO. Pea protein is everywhere, because it’s cheap. People are frequently allergic to pea protein, and there are better choices in my opinion.

You must constantly replenish the 9 essential amino acids which the body cannot make on its own. They are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. Amino acids are the varied components in plant and animal protein. Eating more than one form of protein daily guarantees a more adequate and balanced supply especially of the 9 essential amino acids. You are what you eat and digest. Without the proper nutrients consumed every day, your health is at risk. Check your nails. Vertical ridges on your nails are one sign of protein deficiency.

Carbohydrates are fuel for the body, but they alone cannot sustain a healthy life. Carbohydrates particularly affect blood sugar function. A diet of refined carbohydrates can wreck your health. Again, sugar is the biggest offender of all. It adds needless calories, contributes to obesity, and stresses the pancreas. Plus, sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Most processed foods contain added refined sugar, and it is totally unnecessary. Even the cooking shows on TV downgrade the chefs if they don’t pile on the sugar. Living in Europe for seven years helped me break the sugar habit. They use a fraction of the amount in a week that Americans gobble down daily. In the past it was admitted that sugar was one of the main causes of diabetes. Cancer cells love the stuff. Yet, the sugar industry is so powerful, even that proven truth has been obliterated.

Fruits, vegetables, and grains that are not GMO and are unsprayed with herbicide and pesticide poisons are the only carbohydrates fit to eat. This was proven during World War II when sugar and many highly refined foods were severely rationed. Obesity virtually disappeared, heart disease and cancer decreased mightily, and their immune systems remained strong. People were so much healthier, stronger, and far more productive.

Besides the hideous refining and robbing food of all its nourishment, now many ultimately harmful chemicals are added as well. Many people are catching on that the GMO white sugar is making them sick and fat. Yet, the sweet tooth is still active, so now chemicals are plentiful to replace the sugar and flavorings in candy, sodas, bakery, and other refined prepared foods. Many of these new chemical sweeteners cause digestive issues, gas, and diarrhea. Popularity of prepared foods are at an all-time high. Therefore, the health of the population is disintegrating, dire diseases are increasing, and infertility is common.

To be healthy, perhaps we need to start growing our own foods again in our yards and utilize clean, unsprayed, empty spaces that can support fruit trees and bushes, vegetables, and grains as they did during the war years. At the very least our grocery dollars need to reflect that our choices are for real untainted food and not the poisons in bright packages that corrupt our human bodies. It’s becoming more common that people are plagued with digestive complaints that are no doubt due to GMOs and lack of good nutrition. For example, natural B Complex vitamins so necessary for digestion, morale and a peaceful and happy demeanor, energy, mind function, skin, and overall wellness are nowhere to be found on conventional grocery shelves as well as the rest of the alphabet of natural vitamins and the vital minerals required for sound health. Your best solution is to eat carbs like a wild rabbit if you want to maintain a healthy, happy life. That means fresh, raw, and totally natural plants that are full of real protein, carbohydrates, and fats, plus enzymes, minerals, and other nutrients.

Fats are shunned as being detrimental and a cause for weight gain. Yet, our cells and tissues would dry up and feel like old parchment paper, ready to crack and disintegrate without the proper fats in our diets. Also since the brain is at least 60% fat, brain issues would be even more common than they currently are. Therefore, to avoid all fat is definitely harmful and even dangerous.

Unfortunately, there are many manufactured fats that should never be allowed into the marketplace for humans or animals. Margerine and all facsimiles of this plastic poison should be at the top of the list. When it was originally formulated years ago as a butter substitute, all the test animals died. IT should have died and disappeared then. Yet, it’s even available in health stores.

Real fats naturally occurring in food like avocados, eggs, butter, and cheeses are the best IF they are not contaminated with chemicals and GMOs. These naturally good fats help keep skin and hair beautiful, brains healthy, joints lubricated and so much more. PolarPower is the NAHS fish oil that took me 16 years to find a source that was unrefined and unadulterated……since most are. It naturally contains the fat-soluble vitamins, A and D. Other common fish oils are bleached and refined. Thus, if any vitamins ARE present, they are not the original natural vitamins: they are synthetic. Also, the essential fatty acids so vital for heart and brain function are contained in PolarPower as well as real natural astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant and protector of cells as well as an immune enhancer. I believe this fish oil is so important, that the PurelyPak contains two Polar Power capsules for daily supplementation.

Black Seed oil is another fat that the body thrives on and stops many health issues from ever developing. I use it every day, since it helps the immune system to stay active and keeps the body beautiful. The great beauties of the past slathered it on luxuriously every day on hair, skin, and nails.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also a Mediterranean miracle for good health, brain integrity, and cardiovascular aid. Yet, it is also the most difficult to find a source that hasn’t been altered or adulterated. Our sources are quite expensive, yet we are guaranteed that they are real and the best available. Oreganol P73 supplements contain a natural EVO that is superior. Thus, it supports good health and circulation with Vitamin E and the best properties that the body requires for health and beauty.

Pumpkin oil is a delicacy in Austria from special green pumpkins that contain seeds with no shell. Its health-giving properties are exceeded by none. In Austria it is as commonly used as ketchup is in the USA. The cardiovascular events and other common health issues that men and women here complain of are almost unknown in Austria. Further, only the cold pressed, REAL Austrian pumpkin oil is in our Pumpkinol and that is all that NAHS will ever offer, since it’s the best cold pressed oil from the original source.

There are other edible oils that I use at times such as avocado oil, caster oil, rice bran oil, hazelnut oil, peanut oil, and others that are unrefined, fresh, and cold pressed. The sources and purity are definitely important considerations when purchasing fats and oils, since rancid products will cause inflammation and disease.

Exercise, good food, the best nourishing supplements like the PurelyPak and other NAHS “Purelys,” clean fresh air and filtered water keep a body functioning as best as possible in today’s toxic world. A healthy body keeps the mind and spirit working in perfect unison to enrich this planet and those upon it. The body is our mode of transportation and vessel for the spirit. In life some take care of their possessions, and some do not. The better job we do of that, the more we can accomplish while we are here. What an opportunity for being and becoming the best we can be.

Spirit is the lifeforce with in a body that functions for an unknown period of time as a living entity. When spirit leaves the body, the body is no longer alive. This sojourn on earth is the opportunity to build character and enrich talents in every person in all possible ways. I have no doubt that spirit continues on after physical life on earth ceases.

Because of the integration of mind, body and spirit, illness is often an expression of malfunction and improper care of a person as a whole. The spirit can be as damaged by bad ideas and corruptions as the body is by bad food, poison, and lack of clean air and water. Then the mind can conceive of every kind of horror. Yet, even if a body is not able to thrive and is crippled and distorted, the mind and the spirit can still bring beauty, love, and happiness to those whose lives are touched. This is the gift of choice with which God blessed us to make ourselves and those around us more enlightened and better in every way.

From personal experience I know that loss of one’s closest loved ones is the direst test for our spirits. The mind enters a state of distress that can never be anticipated, and there is no way to prepare for such events. The body can be so debilitated by this shock that the spirit may come close to leaving as well. That is when one must decide if productive life must continue. We all have purpose. Death and grief open doors that are painful beyond belief. Yet, this too, is part of our spirit’s growth and development.

What we do with our lives are our own choices. With good or bad events, there must be learning. Learning the lessons from life’s tests and not repeating the bad choices is among our highest achievements. And always…..Love Is The Answer.