Total Body Purge

Total Body Purge is a unique blend of certified wild spice oils, extracts of raw wild greens, and wild high-bush cranberries. This unique raw whole body formula supports the body’s healthy detoxification process.

GMO Free

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Charged with Sun Energy
Sourced from the Canadian Wilderness
Sourced from the Mediterranean Mountains
Hand Picked by Villagers

Product Details

There is nothing in this world like Total Body Purge. The toxins which accumulate in the body are great, and we need great power to support a healthy cleansing response. With its wild, raw, far-northern greens extracts plus spice oil complexes and black seed oil, it gives you the potency you need when you need it—all through the wild powers of nature. Highly sophisticated, this is the most therapeutic of all herbal or natural cleansing complexes available. Always remember, raw is more potent than heat-treated.

How to Take

Take one ounce with breakfast for twelve days. May add to food or juice. Milk reactions, such as bloating, fullness, or slight headache, are normal and will disappear with continued use. Shake well before using. Taste and consistency may vary. Does not interfere with daily activities. For ideal results take daily for one month.

What’s Inside

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed supports a healthy digestive system, immune system,  cardiac processes and sleep. It also supports the overall health of the kidneys, the hormone system, and the skin due to vitamin E, sterols, sterolins, and vital omega-3s, -6s, and -9s.
Beneficial For:
Blood Sugar Support
Circulatory System
Digestive System
Hair, Skin & Nails
Heart Health
Stress, Mood & Sleep


There is nothing in this world more potent for whole body detox than extracts of wild burdock, in this case, the leaves. Raw, wild burdock extract is rich in nutrients and high in flavonoids and is a component of GreensFlush and Total Body Purge.
Beneficial For:
Hair, Skin & Nails


While all cranberry is healthy wild sources are far more potent for supporting a healthy kidney and bladder response than any other. Wild sources include high bush cranberry and lingoberry. These are wild types which are exceptionally dense in health-promoting phytochemicals, including those which support a healthy cognitive, gum tissue, and kidney/bladder response, including a healthy response for age-related bladder support.
Beneficial For:
Kidney & Bladder Health


Our raw, wild dandelion roots and leaves are all handpicked from the remote, wild northern forests. Wild dandelion leaves are a natural source of riboflavin, niacin, and potassium. The root is rich in special waxes, including taraxacum, which supports a healthy liver and gallbladder.
Beneficial For:
Digestive System
Whole Food


Wild nettles are a powerhouse, filled with highly invaluable nutrients. Nettles are a dense source of vitamins and minerals, while also containing flavonoids and astringents. The flavonoids and astringents support a healthy whole body response for allergies and immune system imbalances. Wild nettles extract is found in GreensFlush and Total Body Purge.
Beneficial For:
Hair, Skin & Nails

Total Body Purge is a good source of

Plant Sterols

Full Ingredient List

Cold-pressed black seed oil, wild raw high bush cranberry extract, wild raw dandeloin leaf/root extract, wild, raw burdock leaf extract, wild raw nettles extract, wild raw fireweed/clintonian extract, wild sage oil, wild rosemary oil, wild oregano oil, cumin oil, fennel oil, cilantro oil, cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar


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