Our Gift of Wellness – Heart Healthy Gift Box 1

Give the gift that can last a lifetime, give the gift of wellness this holiday season. Each product in the gift package has been specially selected to support a heart healthy body.

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Resvital Capsules

This is a crude red sour grape powder devoid of chemical processing, the freshest grape extract available. This sun-dried formula full of photonic energy, is full of resveratrol, malic acid, tartaric acid, vitamin C and the minerals chromium as well as potassium. The whole grape-skin, seed, and sour pulp is used. Let slowly dissolve under the tongue for maximum potency or in your favorite beverage. In capsule form for easy use.

Black Seed Oil Cardio Plus

Black Seed Oil CardioPLUS is the most potent power available for total cardiovascular support . It packs three power-houses together, thymoquinone-rich oil of black seed, Mediterranean pomegranate concentrate, and muscadine skin concentrate. You get four great potencies: thymoquinone, which works in the heart and on the brain stem, resveratrol, ellagic acid, and punicalagins. That's why nothing can match Black Seed Oil CardioPLUS for heart and arterial support.

Purely-E Capsules

It is now known that the whole food, unprocessed complex of vitamin E with all its synergists is most powerful versus heavily processed isolates. That’s what you get with Purely-E; Non-GMO nutrients, since it is extracted exclusively from whole food sunflower oil. It’s highly potent both for internal and topical use.

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Resvital (90 ct) – high in resveratrol an important heart antioxidant that supports healthy circulation

Purely-E (60 ct)– The only non-soy, non-GMO natural source vitamin E with Styrian pumpkinseed oil

Black Seed Cardio (8 oz) – All the great benefits of black seed + the heart healthy benefits of pomegranate

Hearty Hibiscus Tea (5 oz) – carefully crushed wild hibiscus flowers, this exotic infusion is teaming with flavonoids.