kid-e-kare Products

We use only the purest, highest quality ingredients in our kid-e-kare products. The power of wild, raw nature in each and every bottle. Never any additives or harsh chemicals you find in other children’s supplements. Our products are all based on whole food source, that we hand pick and deliver to you.

kid-e-kare All Omega 2 fl oz
Rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3s, -6s, -9s) EPA, DHA and phospholipids
kid-e-kare Attention Drops 1 fl oz
Formulated with oils extracted from wild, non-GMO herbs thought to improve attention and mental focus
kid-e-kare Berry Throat Spray 1 fl oz
Children's certified-wild raw cold pressed berries spray
kid-e-kare Cherry Throat Spray 1 fl oz
Children's certified-wild raw cold pressed cherries throat spray
kid-e-kare DetoxiDrops 2 fl oz
DetoxiDrops help support children’s health with wild zeolite and red bentonite clay activated with spice oils
kid-e-kare EareeZ
Children's certified-wild spice oil topical/internal blend
kid-e-kare FlusheeZ
Children's raw cold pressed stabilized wild greens extract.
kid-e-kare gelcaps 60 gelcaps
Wild oregano P73 formulas for children
kid-e-kare Mighty Kids
A formula designed to give children nutrients desperately needed for this day and age
Kid-e-Kare Orega-Cinn oil 2 fl oz
Orega-Cinn Oil is children's water-soluble oregano oil offering natural cinnamon flavor
kid-e-kare Orega-mint
Children's water-soluble oregano oil with natural mint flavor for easy use
kid-e-kare OweeZ
Children's topical oil blend with wild pain root for minor support.