Essential Oils & Spice Oils

We use only the purest, highest quality ingredients in our Essential Oils & Spice Oils. The power of wild, raw nature in each and every bottle. Never any additives or harsh chemicals you find in other dietary supplements. Our products are all based on whole food sources, that we hand pick and deliver to you.

BetaPalm 8 fl oz
Crude, cold-pressed red palm oil from the wilderness of West Africa
BetaSlim – 120 gelcaps
BetaSlim is the power of spice oil- and fatty acid-enhanced West African red palm oil for naturally supporting healthy weight loss and much more.
Black Seed oil 12 fl oz
True 100% cold-pressed Mediterranean black seed oil, along with wild rosemary oil, oregano P73 oil, and garlic oil
Cilantrol 1 fl oz
Cilantrol is the true remote-source cilantro (coriander) seed oil, highly aromatic
Cinnamol 1 fl oz
Extremely concentrated oil blend because the cinnamon is extracted through a process known as supercritical (cold) extraction
Clovanol 1 fl oz
Clovanol is unique pure clove oil made from the flowering buds
CocaPalm 8 fl oz
The original wild red palm oil and virgin coconut oil blend
Cuminol 1 fl oz
A potent spice oil extract, Cuminol is the steam extract of remote-source brown cumin seed
Fenatrol 1 fl oz
Fenatrol (oil of edible fennel) is a novel blend of wild fennel extract emulsified in organic extra virgin olive oil
Garlex 1 fl oz
Garlex is the ultimate cold-pressed garlic oil available
Gingerol 1 fl oz
Gingerol is cold-extracted ginger oil, complete with the naturally occurring and potent ginger flavonoids
Lavenol 1 fl oz
Lavenol is made from truly wild lavender, the most aromatic kind