Summer Supplement Suggestions from Ms. Judy

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Summertime is a great opportunity to take advantage of freshly grown produce. So many nutrients are lost after picking and storing and long journeys to the marketplaces. So you always want to eat raw foods that are as fresh as possible. In the winter months with transportation from all over the world, what may look fresh and healthy, will not be as nourishing as we need. That’s why supplements year round are important.

Wash your produce in clean water very well. Produce is frequently exposed to waxes, pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals which are a challenge for the body, especially the liver. Organic or sustainably grown is always a better choice. But even our air, rain, and water carry toxins and poisons. Besides pesticides and herbicides, industrial pollutants and other contaminants are a major cause of deadly diseases.

With extra energy required for summertime adventures, PurelyPak, the real whole food supplement, are still a daily requirement for everyone. Also, NukeProtect and Purely-E, one or more capsules daily are needed for all of our trillions of cells to stay supple, healthy, and strong. PurelyMin Magnesium will help you remember where you left your lost items and also keep those 650 plus enzyme reactions active in your body every day*. Also, leg and other cramps will likely no longer be a problem*.

Oreganol every day in some form supports the immune system and comes to the rescue for sunburns, burns, and other summer injuries large and small*. This is the only daily use oregano for the whole family both topical and internal. I started using Oreganol products over 40 years ago…every day…and the frequent illnesses that happened back then are now history for me. 

ActiFem supports the adrenals and thyroid and hormonal functions that are required to make you feel like taking part in summertime activities and fun. Both men and women will notice positive changes when taking a few capsules daily. These are daily supplement suggestions that make your summer more fun and memorable. Good health is our greatest gift. This is the short list for your daily needs. There are other nutrients that our bodies need to perform every function perfectly. Yet, with a good healthy diet and daily supplements we all can enjoy a happy productive life. I know I do.