Whole Food Supplements

LivaClenz – 60 capsules
LivaClenz is a special concentrated blend of wild herbs and spices from remote, high-mountain sources.
Mac-o-Power Plus – 2 FL. OZ.
Mac-o-Power Plus is the only fresh, raw, mountain maca extract available.
MigraHemp 4 FL OZ
Wild greens plus raw hemp oil
Nail-IT gelcaps – 60 count
NAIL-IT is a powerful and researched topical agent for nail beauty and health. Made of potent spice oils with proven antiseptic powers, this is the ideal rub for the nails
Nuke Protect – 90 capsules
Nuke Protect is a potent form of premium grade potassium iodide, selenium yeast, wild oregano and rosemary, Rhus coriaria, wild kelp and wild cumin make it one of the highest antioxidant formulas known, some six times more than blueberries.
NutriHemp Raw Protein Powder Plus
Sprouted Brown Rice & Hemp Protein NutriHemp Raw Protein Powder Plus is the most ideal, potent vegan protein powder available. Protein is needed by every cell of the body—every day. Without it, cells and organs break down.
Oil of Black Seed- 12 FL. OZ.
Oil of Black Seed is the natural way to feed the cells of the body with a luscious aromatic oil.
OregaDENT – 1 FL. OZ.
OregaDENT is specially formulated for use with gums and teeth.
OregaFRESH – 3.4 OZ
OregaFRESH tooth paste is the only natural fluoride-free toothpaste infused with the power of P73 oregano, one of the most potent antioxidants known.
OregaMax – 90 capsules
OregaMax, the original wild oregano formula, supports natural mineral intake and more. This wild oregano grows directly on rock in the Mediterranean mountains, making it rich in natural trace minerals.

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