Honeys & Syrups

Alfalfa Honey
This raw honey is from nectar collected from alfalfa growing in natural fields. No chemicals of any kind are used. Unlike inferior honeys the bees that produce this wild honey are never fed sugar.
Car-o-Power Wild Carob Molasses – 12 FL. OZ.
Car-o-Power is the only 100% natural and mountain-grown wild Mediterranean-source carob pod concentrate available. All other sources derive from commercial carob pods.
Goldenrod Honey
Truly rare, goldenrod honey is potent and unique. It’s the ideal honey to support a hearty immune response for overall health. Unlike inferior honeys the bees that produce this wild honey are never fed sugar.
Inca-Power Peruvian Inca Berry Syrup – 12 FL. OZ.
The Amazon Rainforest flourishes with many fruits and berries, which the natives rely upon as a major food source.
Joint & Muscle Spray, Pure Essential Oil Complex Natural, Wild, & Chemical-Free no alcohol no glycerin no propylene glycol no synthetics no noxious additives 1 FL. OZ.
PomaMAX 12 fl oz
PomaMAX 12 fl oz is the only 100% natural, mountain-grown, Mediterranean pomegranate concentrate available.
TurmaSpice Honey
10.8 oz.
Wild Raw Oregano Honey 10 oz.
Wild raw oregano honey is harvested over 5000 feet above sea level.
YacoPower – Organic Yacon Syrup – 8.5 FL. OZ.
Non-fattening healthy sweetener.

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