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Oregano Questions

Is Oreganol P73 safe to take every day?
a. Oreganol P73 can be taken every day because it has a very unique chemical profile not found in other oregano oils. This is because it is a blend of multiple species, which grow from mineral-rich rock far from pollution or other contaminants. In addition P73 is not extracted with alcohol or other chemicals and is emulsified in extra virgin olive oil in the ideal ratio for maximum benefit and safety. This, coupled with the fact that it is an edible oil in contrast to industrial or perfume-grade oregano oil, makes P73 oil the clear choice for everyday use.

Can I consume more than the recommended serving?
a. Serving size is listed as a benchmark for calculating nutritional content and does not necessarily define safe usage amounts. Because we each have unique circumstances, it is always a good idea to check with your health practitioner whenever changing your diet; however, many times we hear from those using Oreganol P73 that they are taking well over the serving size.

What is the Carvacrol content of your Oreganol P73? Why does the label not state the content?
a. Our Oreganol P73 oil is maintained at a minimum strength of 62% carvacrol but due to the wild nature of the product and because we do not standardize our oil or use synthetic carvacrol to adulterate it, there will be some natural variation above that minimum standard. However we have, conducted research which clearly shows that oregano is more than just carvacrol and that our oil with its complex makeup is more active than the adulterated, fractionated, or chemically altered varieties so common on the market.

There are so many oregano oils: how does one choose the best?
a. Oregano much like anything else, have varying degrees of quality and effectiveness. Oregano as a general term encompasses 60+ plants from various areas of the globe. This is important to note, in fact, because much of the research done at institutions was done on a few specific species of wild oregano that have a fairly high amount of carvacrol with a low level of thymol. Also, you want to make sure it is edible-grade oregano, not industrial or perfume grade. Another factor is the extraction, which must be done using steam distillation or CO2. Other extraction methods adulterate the oil with alcohol, solvents, or other harsh chemicals. North American Herb & Spice uses steam distillation in the Oreganol.

How do you ensure the purity of Oreganol P73?
a. Oreganol P73 comes from oregano harvested high in the mountains exclusively for North American Herb & Spice. It is then steam distilled in our Turkish facility, which is done using purified water from a 300 feet deep aquifer. After distillation our oregano oil is analyzed for purity and composition before it is shipped directly to our US facility, where it is then tested again before bottling.

What is the difference between Super Strength and Regular Strength Oreganol P73?
a. Super Strength Oreganol P73 was developed as the maximum strength of oregano oil for daily use. Regular Strength Oreganol P73 was made for those who may not require such strength and prefer a milder taste. Both contain the same high-quality, wild, handpicked, Mediterranean P73 blend: it is merely the concentration that is different. Regular Strength is a blend of a particular amount of P73 oil and organic extra virgin olive oil, while Super Strength is a higher concentration of P73 oil to olive oil. In addition to the higher concentration, we also use oregano that has a higher level of carvacrol for Super Strength Oreganol P73.

What is the difference between OregaMax and Oreganol?
a. OregaMax is a blend of crude, wild oregano along with Rhus Coriaria (mountain sumac berry), organic garlic, and organic onion. This traditional medicine of the Mediterranean area is also a staple that can be sprinkled on food. Because it is the crude mountain oregano it also contains a unique blend of organically bound minerals. These are minerals which, because the plant grows directly from lime rock, break down into an organically bound form more readily available for the body.

What is the benefit of using Oreganol P73?
a. Oreganol P73 has been used by millions of people of all ages for a variety of reasons. Oregano’s complex blend of potent antioxidant and powerful phenolic components is what gives it such power. Antioxidants are critical for our bodies, and at over 100 ORAC per drop, Oreganol is a great way to add more antioxidants to your diet. This is in addition to the potent phenols such as carvacrol that provide other more complex benefits, the least of which is maintaining good health.

Can I take Oreganol P73 when taking a probiotic?
a. Yes, and we would only advise taking the Oreganol either three hours after or before taking the probiotic. A great probiotic commonly used with Oreganol is the Health Bac, a stabilized probiotic which does not need refrigeration.

Can I take Oreganol while on medication?
a. Oregano, in general, is regarded as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the US Food and Drug Administration. This means it has a general recognition of its safety as a food or food additive. Although GRAS, we advise anyone who is taking medication to consult with their health practitioner about any possible dietary changes. Also, unlike many oils found on the market, Oreganol was developed after long consideration of the precise ratio of oregano oil to extra virgin olive oil. This edible blend makes it incredibly safe for everyday use and is why health care professionals recommend the P73.

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