Danger in the Marketplace: Adulteration of Oregano Oil Confirmed

It is now confirmed that there is mass adulteration of oregano oil. The oil may be marketed as wild or even mountain-grown, but this is not necessarily true. The adulteration is largely true of all brands claiming high carvacrol levels. This is to confuse the public into thinking that high carvacrol levels are superior to.. read more →

Oreganol P73 Receives Best of Supplements Award 2016

We are honored to receive Better Nutrition‘s Best of Supplements Award 2016 for Oreganol P73! Read the Article at Better Nutrition       read more →

Why Carvacrol is Only a Piece of the Puzzle

Why Carvacrol is Only a Piece of the Puzzle For overall health there is nothing superior to a high-quality wild oregano oil. This is especially true if the wild oregano is a true whole food extract. Regardless, any whole food supplement is superior to the refined or altered extract. Studies at Georgetown University have proven.. read more →