Invest in your health.

Nourishment from raw whole foods is the key to maintaining optimal health
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Trust the pioneers.

Over 30 years ago, we created the wild oregano revolution from the true, natural spice. There's nothing like it in the world.

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Our mission is wellness.

We're committed to healing the world with natural medicines in order to make it a better place. That is why North American Herb & Spice’s core values are commitment to excellence, virtue and enthusiasm.
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    Meet the internet's favorite all-natural supplements.

    • Herbal-zzZs

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    • Ashwagandha Capsules

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    • organic oregano oil

      Oreganol P73 Oil – 1 fl oz

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    • SinuOrega – 2 oz.

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    "I've been using NAHS products for 30 + years. Their products are first class."


    "Safe safe safe clean clean clean no worries whatsoever"


    "The products are excellent and all natural. Have used several products and great results."


    "I like everything about your products good price great scents and nice flavors."

    Original Oregano Oil.

    No corruption by genetically modified plants or poisonous pesticides. Original wild, high-mountain P73 oregano with the power of photonic energy, of mountain rocks and sun. Contains the flavonoid quercitin as well as the key minerals calcium and magnesium.
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    Whole Food Vitamins.

    We offer the world’s finest whole food supplements, guaranteed free of all chemicals, including petrol derivatives commonly found in both mass market and health food vitamin supplements.
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    Natural Gummies.

    Start from the top: great hair starts with a healthy scalp. We’ve got you covered with a range of expert formulas to keep your hair in tip-top shape and your style in mint condition.
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    Natural Beauty.

    With our full spectrum, wild plant extracts and plant based essential oils we have the most superior support for the hair, skin and nails possible. Along with our Ultra powerful whole food nutrients for hair, skin, and nail support.
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    • Black Seed Gummies

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    • Collagen Power Plus 90 capsules front label

      Collagen Power-Plus

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    • Bug-X: Lemongrass

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    • Purely-C 90 vegi caps front label


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    For over 30-years, we've had one focus: finding and using the best ingredients.


    Only Ethically Harvested

    We partner with communities worldwilde to ensure that we do not over-pick and maintain the balance of nature.

    Scientifically Studied

    Raw foods and uncooked vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes possess what nature intended for our bodies.

    Always Free From Alcohols

    Since our products are all natural, they're always free from harmful additives, as well as gelatin, glycerin, and alcohols.

    Pure Steam Extracted

    We have the original, truly wild, organic, oregano oil that is produced by old-fashioned steam distillation.