Exotic Oils

Cilantrol – 1 FL. OZ.
Cilantrol is made with mountain-grown cilantro and coriander seed oils.
CocaPalm (Wild Red Palm Oil-Plus) – 8 FL. OZ.
CocaPalm oil contains the highest concentration of vitamin E (70% tocotrienols). CocaPalm is nature's most abundant source of beta carotene 15 times more than carrots and 300 times more than tomatoes.
Hempanol 1 fl oz
100% raw CO2-extracted organic hemp oil with raw, wild CO2-extracted P73 oregano oil. Top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene. CB2 Receptor Activator and P73 Fortified.
Hempanol PM 1 oz oil
Hempanol PM is the natural way to support sleep function. Also use it whenever you need to relax. Calm yourself to sleep through the powers of organic hemp plus hops.
Hempanol-CF 1 fl oz
Hempanol-CF is the cannabis extract-based “be calm and focused” formula for overall health support.
Herbal Bug-X
Herbal Bug-X natural insect repellent repels all biting insects more effectively than any other natural insect repellent on the market.
Lavenol 1 fl oz
Lavenol is made from truly wild lavender, the most aromatic kind. It nourishes the skin, hair, and more.
Oreganol Convenience Pack
Oreganol Convenience Pack has all the great benefits of Oreganol P-73, in a convenient, easy to carry blister pack.
Pumpkinol – 12 FL. OZ.
Pumpkinol is a delicious, nutritious tonic made from the seeds of a rare pumpkin which grows only on the hills of south central Austria.
Sagenol – 1 FL. OZ.
Its powerful properties have been known throughout the ages in medieval times, sage was added to food to prevent spoilage.
Zolvex – 1 FL. OZ.
A powerful natural formulation of supercritically extracted oregano along with wild black seed and bay leaf oils.