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Purely-B whole food B complex – 1 LB. (400 g)

Purely-B is the only truly whole food B complex supplement available.

Purely-B whole food B complex – 1 LB. (400 g)

Purely-B is the only truly whole food B complex supplement available. Made exclusively from actual foods without synthetics, Purely-B powerfully gives the body the B vitamins it needs, all directly from nature. Natural B vitamins are different than synthetic, a fact proven by modern science. They have a different energy structure and can even be different molecularly. Purely-B is dense. A mere 2 T. contains 140% of the RDA for thiamine, 60% for niacin, 30% for the relatively rare B 6, 60% for the essential vitamin folic acid, 40% for the difficult-to-get riboflavin, 20% of the adrenal-nourishing pantothenic acid, along with healthy amounts of biotin, choline, and a trace of B12. Get your strength naturally with this whole food formula made from rice bran/polish, torula yeast, and royal jelly. Half the ingredients of Purely-B are raw, while the other half is gently heated. The torula yeast is heated to render it nutritional (non-toxic). Ideal for taking every day to cover the B complex needs, which is critical since these vitamins are essential to life itself. Ingredients are rice bran/germ, torula yeast, royal jelly and sour grape. All of these are protective foods, so you can stay well. Feel the strength and power of natural B vitamins-the power of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B5, B6, biotin, choline, inositol, and more. Plus, Purely-B is a dense source of natural sterols and steroids, which the body needs for strength. ☻ a mere tablespoon contains 70% of the daily need for thiamine ☻ two tablespoons contain 60% of the daily need for niacin and folic acid plus 40% of the riboflavin ☻ two tablespoons also contain considerable amounts of choline, B-5, B-6, and biotin ☻ this is an all-natural source of B vitamins; no synthetics ☻ highly protective, Purely-B is a means to gain major energy, which is obvious shortly after consuming it Ingredients: rice bran/germ torula yeast undiluted royal jelly powder red sour grape powder


Natural Wild Carob-Infused B Complex Vegan ‘Milk’ Shake 2 T. Purely-B 1 or 2 T. Wild Carob Molasses handful blanched almonds or, preferably, pine nuts cold water to desired thickness (about 8 OZ.) teaspoon wild oregano honey (optional) Instructions: In a blender blend all ingredients until well blended. May also be merely blended by putting in a tightly sealed large jar and shaking until well mixed. The pine nuts make this creamy.