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Real, natural, vitamin soft chews for dogs of all shapes and sizes When it comes to taking your vitamins, it’s just as important to give your dog a healthy boost as well. Vitamins can not only help maintain your family’s balanced health—they can help our four-legged, furry friends. While food alone might not meet all your pup’s health requirements, the right vitamin supplements can help compensate for any deficiencies in your dog’s daily diet.   Houdi’s Foodies are real, natural soft chew vitamin treats that help dogs stay healthy, happy, and active. Everything about our natural supplements is good for your pet, good for you, and good for a long and happy life together! And every purchase you make helps animals in need. Do a good deed for your furry friend with the healthy goodness of Houdi’s Foodies.
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Support your furry friend’s overall daily health with Houdi’s Foodies Real, Natural Vitamin SmartSupps®. These easy-to-chew delicious beef and bacon flavor treats are the first daily vitamins for dogs to feature real whole food as a source of vitamins and minerals. A powerful blend of high quality whole foods make up the key active ingredients: Alaskan sockeye salmon (vitamins A & D, Omegas), Peruvian camu camu berries (vitamin C), Grass-fed beef liver (B-complex), Brewer’s dried yeast (selenium, protein, B-complex and chromium) and organic egg powder (potassium, calcium, B-Complex) Because we know how important your four-legged is to you, Houdi’s Foodies made Vitamin SmartSupps® to be the ideal, daily premium whole food vitamin.

Made in the USA, Houdi’s Foodies SmartSupps® are entirely free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals, wheat, corn, soy, and preservatives; what better way to reward your dog than with a delicious treat crafted with an abundance of clean nutritious active ingredients and no cheap unhealthy fillers.

How to Take
Feed as a treat or reward before or after meals. 1 chew: 5 to 15 lbs 2 chews: 16 to 30 lbs 4 chews: 31 to 60 lbs 5 chews: 61 to 100 lbs
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What’s Inside

Full Ingredient List

The active ingredients in Houdi’s Foodies Vitamin Supplements are veterinarian-approved daily wellness & immune support for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Just take a look at the benefits of the main, active ingredients: 

  • Grass-fed beef liver is rich in nutrients and a good source of vitamin A, iron, copper, phosphorus, and zinc as well as B vitamins and essential fatty acids. If you have recently rescued a dog who was malnourished, incorporating beef liver into their diet can help get them back to health.
  • Peruvian camu camu berry is a high source of vitamin C, which serves as an antioxidant in dogs, helps in reducing harmful oxidants, promotes healthy aging, and reduces inflammation. Vitamin C can also assist in maintaining your dog’s immune system, enhance vitality, and alleviate suffering from urinary tract infections.
  • Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil is an easily digestible protein full of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help support healthy skin, joints, eyes, weight, heart health and help with a shiny coat for your dog.
  • Brewers dried yeast delivers B vitamins and amino acids, and also nourishes a dog’s hair and skin while supporting digestive and circulatory health.
  • Organic egg yolk powder – supports normal respiratory function and health, promotes your cat’s innate resistance to pathogens, enhances immune system function as well supports a healthy inflammatory response and ocular health.