Oregulin Gelcaps

This is the original multiple spice oil complex as researched by Georgetown University. This is for its powers in supporting a healthy blood sugar and pancreatic response. Take advantage of it: for your better health.

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Charged with Sun Energy
Pure Steam Extracted
Sourced from the Mediterranean Mountains
Hand Picked by Villagers

Product Details

Researched at Georgetown University, Oregulin is the spice oil formula that was found to support both a healthy blood sugar response and also a healthy metabolic response. In the research, investigators found that this spice oil based formula also supported a healthy blood pressure response, showing the great potency in its action. Support your body’s challenges in every way possible through the daily intake of this multiple spice oil based complex.

How to Take

Take one soft gel twice daily with meals.

What’s Inside


Cinnamon is extremely healthy for the body. Ideal forms include the whole, ground cinnamon bark, along with the supercritical whole food extract. The whole, ground bark, ideally, from Ceylon cinnamon, is a healthy addition to turmeric for a Golden Milk beverage. Cinnamon, whether the oil extract or bark, helps support a healthy cognitive and digestive function, especially a healthy pancreatic function for supporting a healthy diabetic response.
Beneficial For:
Blood Sugar Support


Both cumin spice oil and the ground whole spice are highly potent for supporting overall health. Cumin is rich in rare trace minerals, like bismuth, gold, iridium, and platinum, which support a healthy overall cellular response. This includes a healthy pancreatic and liver response and thus healthy support for the blood sugar mechanism. Oil of cumin is a germicide and also has significant anti-mold and anti-fungal properties. Cumin also supports the health of the brain and nervous system, acting as a preventive against cognitive decline.
Beneficial For:
Digestive System
Weight Loss

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are countless benefits from the regular intake of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, including major support for cardiovascular health. It also supports a healthy digestion and when of high quality, it supports healthy digestion, especially in regard to the liver and gallbladder. The oil is also excellent for skin and hair health. That's why it is the major carrirer oil for North American Herb & Spice supplements.
Beneficial For:
Digestive System


Offering a number of key health properties fenugreek is used mainly to support overall female health, including healthy menstrual function, breast milk production, and healthy ovarian function. It is, thus, an important ingredient of the female support formula, Acti-fem. It also helps support healthy skin function, while aiding overall healthy digestion, which is why it is a key ingredient of Gastronex.
Beneficial For:
Blood Sugar Support
Digestive System
Hormonal Health


Myrtle is a healthy Mediterranean aromatic plant, known as Myrtus comminus. Used as either the dried herb or aromatic spice oil it is known to support healthy skin, hair, and nails, while also supporting a healthy blood sugar and pancreatic response. It is also a natural digestive support complex, while also supporting healthy immunity. The oil has been long known as an aphrodisiac, both internally and topically.
Beneficial For:
Stress, Mood & Sleep


No corruption by genetically modified plants or poisonous pesticides. Original wild, high-mountain P73 oregano with the power of photonic energy, of mountain rocks and sun. Contains the flavonoid quercitin as well as the key minerals calcium and magnesium
Beneficial For:
Blood Sugar Support
Children's Health
Immune System
Men's Health
Natural Sprays & Cleaners

Oregulin Gelcaps is a good source of

Phenolic Compounds

Full Ingredient List

Wild, organic myrtle oil – Cumin oil – Wild, organic oregano oil P73 – Fenugreek oil – Wild-harvested cinnamon oil – Wild, organic mountain sage oil – Austrian pumpkin seed – Extra virgin olive oil


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