OregaSpray gives you the opportunity to use nothing other than wild spice oils for cleansing and detoxifying your environment. Plus, it’s a natural germicide for supporting your health and for the whole family.

Whole Food

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Pure Stream Extracted
Sourced from the Mediterranean Mountains
Hand Picked by Villagers
Free of Chemical or Synthetic Additives

Product Details

OregaSpray gives you the opportunity to use nothing other than wild spice oils for cleansing and detoxifying your environment. Plus, it’s a natural germicide for supporting health for the whole family. It can be used as a deodorizer, chemical detox spray, dentifrice, wound spray, and even for removing stains and ink.

How to Take

OregaSpray is the only completely natural, edible, multipurpose spray. With hundreds of uses it is the ideal: Vegetable wash, air cleanser, hand cleaner, toothbrush spray, food cleaner, environmental spray, odor neutralizer, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, pet deodorizer, body and foot deodorant, and breath freshener. Keep away from eyes and genitals. Shake well before using.

What’s Inside

Bay Leaf

Wild bay leaf is a natural medicine, particularly the extracted oil. A potent germacide it is a key component of the health- and immune-supporting supplements, OregaBiotic and Fung-E-Clenz. Bay leaf extract also helps support a healthy liver and intestinal function, boosting the production of the protective enzyme, glutathione peroxidase.


The optimal way to consume clove is as a concentrate of the pure, whole food clove oil made exclusively from the buds. Beware of cheap imitations made from the leaves, which contain a toxin. Clove bud oil supports a health overall dental and gum health response and also supports a healthy response to pain, especially for oral conditions, as well as healthy digestion.
Beneficial For:
Digestive System
Immune System
Oral Hygiene


Both cumin spice oil and the ground whole spice are highly potent for supporting overall health. Cumin is rich in rare trace minerals, like bismuth, gold, iridium, and platinum, which support a healthy overall cellular response. This includes a healthy pancreatic and liver response and thus healthy support for the blood sugar mechanism. Oil of cumin is a germicide and also has signfiicant anti-mold and anti-fungal properties. Cumin also supports the health of the brain and nervous system, acting as a preventive against cognitive decline.
Beneficial For:
Digestive System
Weight Loss


Niorth American Herb & Spice provides only wild lavender, both as the oil extract in an extra virgin olive oil base and the aromatic essence, made from the finest Mediterranean wild lavender found high in the mountains. All other lavender extracts are derived from farm-raised plants. Use wild lavender to support a healthy adrenal, nerve, and brain response.
Beneficial For:
Cognition & Brain Health
Immune System
Stress, Mood & Sleep

Oregano Oil

No corruption by genetically modified plants or poisonous pesticides. Original wild, high-mountain P73 oregano with the power of photonic energy, of mountain rocks and sun. Contains the flavonoid quercitin as well as the key minerals calcium and magnesium
Beneficial For:
Children's Health
Immune System

OregaSpray is a good source of

Phenolic Compounds

Full Ingredient List

Spring water

Wild, organic oregano P73 oil

Organic bay leaf

Wild, organic lavender oil

Clove bud oil


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