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Where does Oreganol P73 come from and how is it unique.

The miracle is wild Oreganol P-73

The miracle is willd Oreganol P73. it will change your life. Start your health search with our truly supplements. The response from people who take Oreganol P73 is dramatic - and the results are truly American Herb & Spice is the wild oregano expert. NAHS did the original research, which documents powers of wild Oreganol P73.

North American Herb & Spice created the willd oregano revolution. P73 is a special blend of wild, from the true, natural spice, unmatched in the world. P73 als stands for purity, potency, and hight works. There's nothing like it in the world.

Green capsules with green powder inside
Various Oreganol products with an oregano leaf

The original daily use oil of oregano

Oreganol P73 was the first "internal use" as well as topical spice oil category for health and beauty. After over 30 years of continuous tests. Oreganol P73 is still the only wild sourced organic oil of oregano acceptable for daily use.