Take Ashadrene to support overall cell energy, stamina, and physical strength. That’s the power of healthy adrenal gland support. Available as 500 mg gelcaps and sublingual drops. Ideally, take with other Aryuvedic complexes such as TurmericPLUS.

Ms. Judy’s Community: Our Essences

North American Herb & Spice presents our new mini-series, Ms. Judy’s Community, which we will release once a month. Ms. Judy is our Founder & CEO who has many years of experience as a Nutritionist.

Join us for episode one where she discusses North American’s hydrosol products, The Essence Product line and the many benefits.

If you would like to suggest a topic for Ms. Judy, please send an email to [email protected].

ActiFEM Educational Video

With ActiFEM you can support the entire female endocrine response with whole food, unprocessed herbs, spices, and nutrient-dense foods. Support your ovaries, adrenals, thyroid and more with this single formula.

Where in the World: Kelp

Our Founder and President Ms. Judy Gray, MS has spent a lifetime exploring the world, finding the purest ingredients for our products. She continues her journey while working to help aid the communities she comes to know and love. This weeks episode of ‘Where is in the WORLD is Ms. Judy?’ touches on her time this summer in England.

Ms. Judy visited London recently and ran into some kelp that washed up after a high tide. Watch to discover what amazing benefits the sea plant has for us humans ⚓️

Herbal zzZs – The First Melatonin-Free Sleep Aid

Herbal-zzZs provides the best nightly sleep support you can experience. Its ingredients come directly from nature. This innovative and proprietary sleep formulation is designed to give a restful REM sleep without the M-Effect.

Ashwagandha Capsules – The Perfect Companion to Herbal-zzZs

For boosting a healthy male hormone response nothing is more potent than Ashwagandha Capsules. Fortified with raw royal jelly this is an ashwagandha extract, 10:1 potency. Use these capsules to also support a healthy anti-stress response and to help the body better adapt, especially versus adrenal stress. The powerful, naturally occurring steroids, the withanolides, found in ashwaghanda support a healthy male hormone, adrenal, inflammation, and mood response.