Suddenly Summer

The beautiful spring flowers and mild weather sort of lull one into a sense of peaceful ecstasy. Then the hot sun creates overheated dwelling places and vehicles forcing us to realize that summer has arrived. It really is time for fun in the sun, swimming, hiking, biking, grilling, and joining friends and family in outdoor activities. We can happily lose the heavy clothing and expose our bodies to the healing rays of the sun. Vitamin D that we so desperately need is free for the absorption by just baring the skin to the sun for 10 to 20 minutes a day during the hours between 10 AM and 4 PM. Yet even with sunshine there are basic guidelines to follow to keep it a healthy experience. Therefore, the following guidelines will help you stay happy, healthy, and strong during the glorious summer months.

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. This fat-soluble vitamin is crucial for a healthy immune system, and it’s imperative for bone structure and muscle mass. Yet, vitamin D also nourishes the skin, provides cardiovascular support, vital hormone balancing support, and can even make our moods more stable and happier. During the Covid epidemic Vitamin D was recognized for its importance in our daily lives. Many began using synthetic Vitamin D every day during the dark, cold days of winter. However, naturally derived sources are far preferable to the synthetic Vitamin D3 known as Cholecalciferol. Excellent natural plant and animal sources include algae, fish brain, skin, and liver oils that are unrefined, egg yolk from range fed chickens, some natural cheeses, salmon, and beef liver. These important natural sources also contain Vitamin A, which must be present for best absorption and utilization of Vitamin D within the body’s trillions of cells. While certain fish oils can be natural sources of Vitamins A and D, most fish oil products are so refined that little or no natural vitamins remain. Thus, they are almost always fortified with synthetic D3. North American Herb and Spice’s Polar Power is the finest unrefined Sockeye salmon oil which contains the naturally occurring and important bright orange astaxanthin plus REAL Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Also, our Purely Liver contains Vitamins A and D plus vital cofactors for maintaining healthy bodies.  Both sources can be readily absorbed and utilized as the body requires.

While Vitamin D can be derived from daily sunshine exposure, there are even caveats to this. Studies show that an unwashed body with naturally occurring cholesterol on the skin absorbs Vitamin D much more readily. Our daily morning showers remove the natural cholesterol and, thus, absorption is compromised. Who could have guessed that “dirty” skin was preferable to a freshly, cleaned body for Vitamin D retention?

Skin pigmentation, health issues such as diabetes, obesity, old age, lack of sun exposure due to excessive heat or cold, and even being “too clean” when exposed to the sun can inhibit Vitamin D absorption. Plus, lacking Vitamin A also inhibits absorption and utilization of Vitamin D in our bodies. I take one or more Purely Paks daily year-round, and they are a wonderful insurance for obtaining necessary natural nutrients to enrich our bodies and keep them strong and healthy. Purely Paks are the purest food nutrients available for both males and females. Remember, single synthetic sourced vitamins/nutrients alone are rarely beneficial over the long term and can be harmful. That’s why North American Herb and Spice obtains and provides only the finest natural raw sources of nutrients. We never use any of the over 9000 chemicals/additives that only confuse and potentially harm our bodies. Why put them into a supplement at all? Because it’s much cheaper to make products that only contain a smidgen of the expensive active ingredients. With North American Herb and Spice you always get all the best that can be found with none of the cheap fillers, coloring agents, synthetic chemicals, and additives. NAHS food sources of vitamin A and D are found in Purely Liver and Polar Power which are included in the Purely Paks. Remember, for digestion and the hundreds of complex processes that the body performs, a complete complex of natural nutrients is absolutely essential.

Summer Protection

Good health is a blessing year-round. We must be conscientious to maintain it. Not everyone is born equally in that realm. Some must be more rigorous than others to maintain that equilibrium. Unfortunately, some are severely compromised from the beginning of life. Yet, there are most always ways to make life better for everyone. That is the purpose, hope, and intent that North American Herb and Spice provides with every supplement in our armament.

The first supplement that I made was so successful for family and loved ones that I knew I must share it with the world. Thousands can attest to the excellent results from my first formulations ever with OregaMax and Oreganol oil. Most people think of using these miraculous products only during winter months, but they should be available in every home throughout the year. When I was a child, we always had Merthiolate and Mercurochrome, both poisonous antiseptics containing mercury, readily available in the family medicine chest. After a violent reaction to a polio vaccination which caused hip abnormalities, I fell frequently. Since these falls resulted in some nasty cuts and scrapes, I was often exposed to those poisonous mercury laden antiseptics. OregaMax, Oreganol Oil, OregaShield, many other Oregano P-73 products, and PainEzz are the best replacements for accidents and bad events that plague children and adults. No deadly ingredients are in any of North American Herb and Spice products….and they work. Below I’ve listed the many uses of Oreganol P-73 products that I have personally used year-round. If you have some uses not listed, please let us know. We will share them with the world.

Think Oreganol P-73 first whenever and wherever you might need it.

  1. The entire assortment of P-73 Oregano products supports the health of all cells. For example, put a few drops under the tongue daily for overall body support and maintenance.
  2. Oreganol P-73 with meals is protective against bad or spoiled food when used before or with meals, and it is also a powerful antioxidant.
  3. Rub P-73 Oreganol Oil on the scalp daily or apply and leave on overnight. Many reports show improvement of dandruff and falling hair reduction, or these problems are even eliminated.
  4. Add P-73 Oreganol Oil to your favorite shampoo and conditioner or use the Black Seed or Regular Oreganol shampoo and conditioner for even faster results for beautiful healthy hair.
  5. Oreganol Oil P-73 can be added to liquid hand soap, lotions, and even dishwashing detergent to keep the skin healthy and soft.
  6. For painful toothaches make a roll of a piece of sterile cotton and dot with P-73 Oreganol Oil. Place the roll with the oil next to the painful gums and teeth. This helps in multiple ways and the pain is usually relieved.
  7. To invigorate the immune system and energy rub P-73 Oreganol Oil on the spine, shins, bottoms of the feet, and the breastbone. For the very sensitive types use the Oreganol Cream, which is also beneficial for hands and feet daily.
  8. P-73 Oreganol Oil is the best alternative for scrapes, cuts, burns, blisters, toenail and fingernail fungus, rashes, fevers, hives, scalp conditions, warts, skin tags, blemishes, boils, and more. For difficult chronic issues put the oil on sterile cotton or bandage and apply over the affected area.
  9. OregaSpray on the earlobe and post makes earrings clean and easy to insert into pierced ears.
  10. Oreganol P-73 rubbed on cold or chilled hands and feet creates warmth.
  11. Make your toothbrush last longer and stay clean by spraying it with OregaSpray or apply the P-73 Oil after each use.
  12. OregaDent rubbed on the gums keeps them healthier, especially when combined with OregaFresh toothpaste and OregaCare mouthwash. OregaCare is the only mouthwash safe to swallow and good for your body all the way down. If it’s required to spit out the mouthwash, it should NEVER be in your mouth in the first place. Due to sublingual and buccal absorption those mouthwash products are toxic and potentially dangerous. Side effect—Cranberry OregaCare may decrease/eliminate incontinence.
  13. For babies and small children who are difficult to administer oral Oreganol P-73, rub several drops of the regular strength oil on the bottoms of the feet and spine. This is an ideal way to administer P-73 to newborns and infants.
  14. For children of all ages rub behind ears if achy or after swimming. It’s also a good idea to rub P-73 oil on the throat, chest, spine, shins, and bottoms of the feet as soon as any symptoms arise that are distressing. A drop or two of the oil can also be added to milk and the more viscous juices like tomato, apricot, and peach for easy oral administration. Up to six to 10 drops can be added to ¼ cup of honey for use when a child is coughing. One teaspoon at a time can be eaten or used in an herbal tea or drink.
  15. Rub on gums daily for a healthy mouth, gums, and teeth. Bad breath, be gone!!!
  16. Use OregaSpray inside sport shoes and all over feet. Keeps them clean, healthy, and for odor control.
  17. Aches and painful joints are quickly soothed when rubbed with P-73. Oreganol Oil or OregaShield.
  18. Warts and Athlete’s foot are tough to deal with. Cover with P-73 oil or OregaClean and an airtight bandaid. Say goodbye to those aggravating issues. It takes patience if it’s a longstanding problem, but it will be relieved.
  19. To help maintain intestinal and colon health use OregaBiotic. This emulsified wild oregano and bee’s wax complex is your best protection. When traveling, eating out, or on the go, use 2 or more OregaBiotic capsules.
  20. OregaSpray makes travel more fun. So natural you can eat it, and it’s perfect to spray hotel beds to ward off bedbugs and other unexpected irritants. Also spray air conditioning/heating vents, toilets, showers, and anyplace that harbors unwanted visitors. It sanitizes what you want clean.
  21. Oreganol is a mandatory addition to any first aid or survival kit. H2Orega can even sterilize water in emergency situations.
  22. Before cooking rub P-73 Oreganol all over that Thanksgiving turkey or chicken. Not only does it taste fantastic, but it makes for a safe holiday. It’s a tasty tenderizer for all meat dishes as well.
  23. When preparing fruit and vegetables to remove potentially harmful waxes and debris, soak with a few drops of P-73 in clean water. Also, OregaSpray will naturally clean both food and preparation areas since all ingredients are food grade.
  24. Oreganol P-73 and OregaMax make food tastier and healthier. It can be added to your favorite recipes and casseroles, milk, salads, dressings, pasta sauce, fish dishes, eggs, stir-fries, cream sauces, and so much more. Delicious, nutritious, and good for digestion.
  25. Rub P-73 on bug bites, stings, and mite irritations for fast relief. Ideally cover with saturated P-73 cotton and tape onto the skin for best results. Can be used on cats, dogs, birds, etc.
  26. For people and animal protection use P-73 Protect-X, Bug-X, and Herbal Flea and Tick Pet Spray as directed. Avoid injury from ticks, mosquitos, and other bothersome pests.
  27. Add a few drops of P-73 Oregano oil to diffusers, humidifier, and neti pots for a safe nasal cleansing. For sinuses and congestion use SinuOrega.
  28. Oreganol P-73 cream smells divine, and it’s made with all food grade ingredients….no synthetic chemicals. It’s so clean you could eat it, but no guarantee it will become your favorite snack. It’s a treat for the skin and helps to keep skin healthy and soft. Blemishes and skin damage from the sun are also greatly benefited with regular application.
  29. Sanitize pet areas regularly with OregaSpray. Even clean their bowls and bedding with P-73.
  30. P-73 is good to put into the washing machine when washing really dirty clothes to refresh/sanitize the clothes and the machine.

This is not every possible use for P-73 Oreganol. However, this will get you started. I’m sure there are uses that I haven’t thought about yet. I know it will become your favorite life-long product, just as it is mine, when you start to use it with your family and throughout your life.

Once in awhile people complain about the smell and don’t want to use P-73 products. I’ve found most every time they are sweet people who love sugar. They almost always have a fungus within and/or without. Thus, the fungus knows that P-73 is the enemy, and research proved this. If you can talk them into using P-73 (not easy), their fungal problems will disappear.