Winter Wellness Ultra Package 2

Give the gift that can last a lifetime, give the gift of wellness this holiday season. Each product in the gift package has been specially selected to achieve ideal immune support, better energy levels, healthy heart function, and whole body wellness.

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Bundled Products

OregaRESP Powder Caps

This is the original desiccated multiple spice oil complex. Ultra-potent support for the immune and respiratory systems. OregaRESP is the world's first synergistic multiple spice oil combination, truly potent to the extreme, the most powerful North American Herb & Spice supplement of all. Ideally, take with juice or food.

30 Vegi-Capsules

Oreganol P73 Gelcaps

North American Herb & Spice was the first company to introduce edible oil of oregano to the North American market which led to the health improvement of countless numbers of people. It is handpicked in pristine, and unpolluted remote mountains. There is no substitute for Oreganol P73, the original, truly wild, organic, oregano oil that is produced by old-fashioned steam distillation. Our Oreganol P73 Vegan Friendly Gelcaps are in an easy-to-take tapioca vegetable gelatin gelcap. It is truly a one of a kind gelcap that is ideal for those who take the oil internally and is available in 60 or 120 capsules

60 Gelcaps

SinuOrega - 1 oz.

SinuOrega is a natural nasal mist powered by potent spice extracts.  These powerful extracts are combined with pure sea salt in a spring water base, the ideal spray and inhalant for the nasal membranes and sinuses. Can be used daily as it is non-addictive. For optimal results use with OregaRESP capsules for sinus and bronchial as well as post-nasal drip response.

1 Ounce

Black Seed Oil Cardio Plus


Black Seed Oil CardioPLUS is the most potent power available for total cardiovascular support . It packs three power-houses together, thymoquinone-rich oil of black seed, Mediterranean pomegranate concentrate, and muscadine skin concentrate. You get four great potencies: thymoquinone, which works in the heart and on the brain stem, resveratrol, ellagic acid, and punicalagins. That's why nothing can match Black Seed Oil CardioPLUS for heart and arterial support.

Kid-e-Kare Orega-cinn

kid-e-kare Orega-cinn oil of oregano is the ideal wild oregano formula for children. Both wild oregano and cinnamon oils have known health-supporting properties. With its pleasant taste, it is ideal for children and taste sensitive adults. Use every day for best results.

kid-e-kare OregaWell

Proper nourishment is vital to a child's growth and development. Utilizing the oregano P73 formula for children, OregaWell is a wonderful source of natural phenols, minerals, and vital nutrients. These softgels  are made with certified-wild oregano oil, cumin oil, sage oil, and ginger oil. They are specifically designed for children, plus they are easy-to-swallow small gelcaps, making it convenient and easy for children to take. The contents of the gelcap may also be mixed with food.

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Product Details

OregaRESP (30 ct) – The only concentrated multi-spice respiratory support capsule available

SinuOrega (1 fl. oz) – Breathe deeply with this natural saline plus wild spice oil nasal spray

Black Seed Cardio (8 fl. oz)- All the great benefits of black seed + the heart healthy benefits of  pomegranate

Oreganol Gelcaps (60 ct) – Oreganol P73 gelcaps are ideal for those who take the oil internally.

Orega-Cinn (2 fl. oz) – Oil of oregano is the ideal wild oregano formula for children

OregaWell (60 ct) – This is the wild oregano P73 formula for children in a gelcap form.


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