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Hempanol Brain Detox

Hempanol Brain Detox is a powerful 2000mg full-spectrum hemp extract with wild, raw crow-berry & blackberry extract.

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Ethically Harvested
Free of Chemical or Synthetic Additives

Product Details

Hempanol Brain Detox is a powerful, synergistic blend based on three ultra-potent extracts. Those extracts include: Wild, raw crow-berry extract, wild, raw blackberry extract, and wild-source, raw, CO2-extracted hemp.

It has long been known through Inuit and Native American lore that wild crow-berry supports a healthy nervous system response.* Likewise, the same is true of wild blackberry. When paired with wild-sourced hemp the resulting complex is complete and exceedingly valuable for supporting the health of the brain and the nervous system.*

How to Take

Take at least one tsp. daily with or without meals. Add to smoothies, juice, or mix in raw honey. Shake well before using.

What’s Inside


Blackberry is a top source of potent substances, known as anthocyanins. In particular, this fruit is a dense source of that all-important anthocyanin cyanadin-3-glucoside. NAHS only uses wild balckberries to make its extracts, which are found in Super-5-Berries and BerriMax. As well, extracts of blackberries support both a healthy digestive response and a healthy female organ response, supporting both ovarian and uterine health.
Beneficial For:
Whole Food


Top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene. CB2 Receptor activator and P73 Fortified. The CO2 extract captures all the key ingredients, including the full spectrum of cannabinoids and the all-important, super-potent terpene, beta caryophyllene. Supports healthy overall wellness through increased naturally-occurring Beta caryophyllene, a potent support for all body functions.
Beneficial For:
Cognition & Brain Health
Pain & Inflammation
Stress, Mood & Sleep

Hempanol Brain Detox is a good source of


Full Ingredient List

Wild-source, raw, CO2-extracted hemp

Wild, raw blackberry extract

Wild, raw crow-berry extract


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