Whole Food Supplements

Rosemanol – 1 FL. OZ.
Rosemary oil is nearly four times more powerful than BHT, the synthetic antioxidant used in preserving foods.
Rosey-Rich Tea – 3.2 OZ.
What could be richer and more healthy than real rose hip tea?
Royal Oil – 2 FL. OZ.
Royal Oil combines undiluted fresh royal jelly, cold-pressed pumpkinseed oil, carob molasses, and preservitol (natural spice oil blend) for a natural preservative.
Royal Power – 120 capsules
Royal Power is an original superior source of undiluted, freeze-dried royal jelly from remote villages where the bees are never fed sugar, unlike most commercial types.
Sesam-E – 12 FL. OZ.
Sesam-E - The seeds used in this Sesam-E are grown on dense soil in the Mediterranean mountain flats.
Health practitioners agree: a saline-based nasal wash is the best approach for cleansing the nasal passages.
Thyroset – 90 capsules
ThyroSet is a combination of crude Northern Pacific kelp, rich in natural iodine, sea minerals, and chlorides.
Wild Pin Cherry Extract – 1 FL. OZ.
Wild Pin Cherry Extract is made from remote-source pin cherries, which are handpicked from the far north of Canada.
YacoPower – Organic Yacon Syrup – 8.5 FL. OZ.
Non-fattening healthy sweetener.

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