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Chag-o-Charge Tea 3.2 OZ.

This is the most rare, wild drink conceivable, made from wild, remote-source chaga mushroom.

Chag-o-Charge Tea – 3.2 OZ.

Raw Chaga Mushroom / Certified Organic Maca Root / White Birch Bark

This is the most rare, wild drink conceivable, made from wild, remote-source chaga mushroom. This is a special mushroom, which grows on wild birch trees and is a kind of hard growth. It acts to heal the tree, so it is different than any other mushroom. Plus, in hot water it is delicious, especially when mixed with other potent substances such as wild white birch bark and organic purple maca. Drink this wild and organic beverage for better health. Chag-o-Charge is a potent source of natural B vitamins plus the all-important antioxidant enzyme SOD. It is also a natural source of beta glucan, minerals, and powerful plant sterols. A definite health drink like no other.

Chag-o-Charge tea is a truly unique and whole food blend. It is made from the most potent mush- room known, the wild chaga mushroom. It also contains unrefined, sun-dried, certified organic, black maca root and wild white birch bark. Chag-o-Charge is one of the most potent whole food complexes on earth, because it contains virtually every known nutrient in significant quantities. It is an excellent source of B vitamins and plant sterols as well as minerals. As the world’s top source of superoxide dismutase, the chaga mushroom has huge antioxidant capabilities, while also delivering betulin and betulinic acid. The potential benefits of the powerful nutrients in Chag-o-Charge have attracted great interest, spurring extensive research for developing new therapies.

Chag-o-Charge is a potent way to support excellent health—and it does so quickly. Wild white birch bark is added for additional nutrients and sterols, as it contains high amounts of betulin and betulinic acid. The blend also includes sun-dried, certified organic, Peruvian purple maca root, giving Chag-o-Charge a unique chocolaty-coffee taste. This combination is a healthy, one-of-a-kind tasty treat.

One cup of Chag-o-Charge per day provides significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and niacin. Wild Chag-o-Power emulsion is also available as sublingual drops, providing immediate power and absorption. Take your Chag-o-Charge and Chag-o-Power daily for better health.

Directions: Add one level teaspoon of Chag-o-Charge to a cup of just-boiled water. For best results, add one level teaspoon of Chag-o-Charge to hot or boiling water and let sit unrefrigerated for 48 hours. Drink hot or cold; may be added to organic whole milk or other beverages.

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