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Grape-e-Power – 12 FL. OZ.
Grape-e-Power is the original remote-source grape molasses made from red and green grapes. Villagers boil under a slow cook until the grapes form a nutrient-dense molasses.
GreensFlush – 2 FL. OZ.
GreensFlush is a unique blend of wild greens that are only harvested from the most remote areas to ensure quality and purity. The wild dandelion, nettles, and burdock are raw.
H2Orega – 1 FL. OZ.
H2Orega is mycelized wild oil of oregano the water soluble type. This means that it completely dissolves in all liquids.
Health-Bac – 100 g
Health-Bac contains the most extensively researched probiotic available: Ecologic 500.
Hearty-Hibiscus Tea – 5 OZ.
This is wild hibiscus flower tea. The hibiscus is one of the most powerful sources of dark red polyphenols and flavonoids known.
Heavenly-Hyssop Tea (Seasonal) – 3.2 OZ.
Heavenly Hyssop Tea infusion is made from carefully crushed wild Canadian hyssop flowers and leaves.
Hempanol 1 fl oz
100% raw CO2-extracted hemp oil with raw, wild CO2-extracted P73 oregano oil. Top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene. CB2 Receptor Activator and P73 Fortified.
Hempanol Brain Detox
Calm & Focus 8 FL. OZ.
Hempanol Cream
Hempanol cream is a powerful formula based on the powers of raw, CO2 hemp and wild oregano extracts fortified with wild nettleseed oil
Hempanol De-stress Shot
Full spectrum hemp complex Turmeric & ginger fortified Mind & body relaxation support
Hempanol Gelcaps
Hempanol Gelcaps through the powers of CO2-extracted, raw, wild oregano and hemp, Hempanol supports healthy overall wellness.
Hempanol Omega Spice Oil 12 fl oz
Hempanol Omega Spice Oil crude, cold-pressed hemp seed oil fortified with powerful, infused spice oils, which keep the hemp seed oil fresh and tasty. Use Hempanol daily for better health.

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