A Word from Ms. Judy | January 2024

A new year gives us a chance to start with a clean slate…at least we can tell ourselves that’s true. We can forget about the goals not met last year, the jobs left undone, the calls never made, and the choices that could have been better. That book (year) is closed, but, hopefully, lessons have been learned, advancements have been made, and growth has been achieved. New Year’s resolutions are commonly forgotten, and some forget them the first day or even the first hour of the first day. Yet, we actually have the power to make life better and better.

The key to making the New Year special is to focus on something special and never lose sight of that target—no matter what! Keeping that original excitement when the thought was first conceived isn’t easy. There are many obstacles along the way. However, the rewards are well worth it. So many people give up just before the goal/reward is achieved.

At North American Herb and Spice I’m beginning the New Year with a new supplement that can benefit everyone. Why? Because everyone needs it. I’ve been using a form of it myself for many years. Now, I feel the time is right, our formula is perfected, and the sources are the best in the world. Even when issues occur in the creation process and challenges seem endless, the secret is to never give up when you know the action is for yours and the greater good.

There are hundreds of thousands of actions and reactions that occur in our bodies—moment by moment. Our bodies are miraculous machines that act and counteract all thing that are done to it and for it. Yet basically we are unaware of any of those actions until something goes wrong. For example, what about a painful knee? Until that knee started hurting, we may not even acknowledge that we have a knee. However, when there is pain or problems, we are ready to find a way to stop the process immediately. Even the cause may be questionable or difficult to determine, but a health expert is frequently required and expected to make the pain go away. There may be multiple solutions, and some interventions are easier and faster to respond than others. That new supplement I mentioned earlier is a solution for countless issues. It nourishes the body with the required nutrients for making systems in the body work and function as they should.

This new supplement does include supporting knee health, by the way. When my own family member was struggling up the stairs, I asked, “what’s the problem.” He replied that his knees were so painful it was nearly impossible to get up the stairs. I put him on a daily dose of magnesium capsules, and his knees stopped hurting. They never bothered him again, since he faithfully took his supplement every day. Provide the body with what it needs, and it will do its best to function properly. Without the proper nutrients and care, there is disease and pain.

Would you be interested in a supplement that supports brain health and cognitive function? What about those 300 plus chemical reactions that require this substance as an enzymatic co-factor that we never think about? How is your energy storage system? What about electrolytes? Are depression, anxiety, or symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder commonly endured? Maybe sleep quality is poor or even evasive, which can affect performance and overall health. Is muscle cramping a problem? There is no need to suffer. Nor does inability to relax have to be a common issue. Plus, appropriate cardiovascular support keeps the whole cardio system and the heart functioning as it should. Even regulating and maintaining blood sugar support is an asset. High blood pressure is a common complaint that requires attention and support by providing the body with important nutritional cofactors that it needs. You may never have given any thought to all that I just mentioned, but quality of life and even life itself are dependent on these powerful nutrients that our bodies require.

Now for the unveiling of our new powerful product that is beneficial for everyone. North American Herb and Spice and Physician’s Strength have tri-magnesium formulas combined to meet your hundreds of magnesium requirements daily. Purely Min magnesium formula is for North American Herb and Spice. Power-Min is the tri-magnesium advanced formula for Physician’s Strength. As always, the quality is the highest you can find. Thus, you can depend on the results you require.

Real food nutrients function to create better health and MUST be part of the daily life plan. This is true for all ages and every family member. That has always been my focus after working with thousands of people around the world and in hospitals as well. I saw the universal need. This is why I started these companies, so the real health tools would be available to everyone. Most companies today are marketing oriented, and the product is merely a way to amass money and recognition. I have the education and the experience to help people with the appropriate formulas and products they need to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Having just returned from England, the one thing I miss is the farm fresh food that is rich in flavor and nutrients. The rich delicious flavor is obvious. That means the food is full of direly needed nutrients. If it tastes like the container it came in, the nutrients are deficient or totally lacking. Then consuming the rich natural nutrients are life-changing due to the amazing energy and high alertness one feels after meals with such food. I did not eat refined food or drinks while there for six weeks. Even in that short time the organic farm-raised food was nourishing enough to make me feel stronger and more energetic. Most people I know were amazed at what I was able to accomplish in that brief time period. Positive thinking, focus, and good health can help you achieve what some consider to be miracles. This life is your opportunity to do everything you are capable of achieving. Never doubt. Never fret. Never give up. You really are the master of your own fate. Only you are capable of taking care of yourself.