03 Feb 2017

Danger in the Marketplace: Adulteration of Oregano Oil Confirmed


It is now confirmed that there is mass adulteration of oregano oil. The oil may be marketed as wild or even mountain-grown, but this is not necessarily true. The adulteration is largely true of all brands claiming high carvacrol levels. This is to confuse the public into thinking that high carvacrol levels are superior to the naturally occurring ones. The fact is carvacrol exists in oregano oil in a natural balance with some 30 other active ingredients. Artificially raising it spoils the oregano oil, disrupting its natural synergy.

There are three ways this adulteration is occurring:

  •  through the direct injection of the stalks of oregano plants with GMOs, in this case noxious forms of pseudomonas*
  • through heating the oil excessively to concentrate the carvacrol by driving off the other components
  • through the addition of synthetic oregano, either petrochemically-based or genetically modified (GM)

Through these adulterations the carvacrol level is artificially boosted to between 80% and 95%. In fact, any oregano oil touting to be over 85% carvacrol is adulterated. This is because there is no wild oregano in nature which is over 85%.  Another way to tell if oregano oil is artificially manipulated is the use of the word, “standardized” or “standardization.” There is no ‘standardized’ wild oregano in nature, just there as there are no standardized carrots or apples. Active ingredient carvacrol levels fully vary with weather and growth conditions, even the side of the mountains that wild oregano exists on. The term “standardized” on the label means the addition of fake or adulterated carvacrol.

Beware of cheap and adulterated imitations touting to be 80% carvacrol or higher. Especially beware of those claiming levels 83% and above, which is hard proof of adulteration. Some of these false oregano oils derive from farm-raised plants, which are injected with GMOs. Others claim to be “Certified Organic” but are also farm-raised and are, thus, not ideal. These GMOs force the plant to artificially produce abnormally high carvacrol levels at the expense of all the other ingredients.

North American Herb and Spice is the only maker of guaranteed wild oregano oil, Oreganol P73, safe for daily or regular use, with carvacrol levels in a natural range of 70% to 78%. Carvacrol levels are naturally occurring and unadulterated. It’s the only truly mountain-grown wild oregano oil, hand-picked from the Mediterranean mountains, 100% non-GMO, available in regular, super strength and aromatic essence (juice) forms.

2 Responses to Danger in the Marketplace: Adulteration of Oregano Oil Confirmed
  1. I will ONLY buy and use NAHS oregano products! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the great explanation of how people are being misled with inaccurate information for the profit of the sellers of unhealthy versions of P73 ! D.Kirby


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