How Hemp Became Illegal and Its Long Road Back

Future of CBD and Hemp Oil Hangs in the Balance The future of hemp-based products in the United States, ranging from hemp extracts and CBD oil to butter and plastics, will remain unclear until U.S. legislators pass the 2018 Farm Bill. Until then, the wide array of available hemp oil products will remain entangled in.. read more →

Comparison Guide for Whole Food Cold-Processed CO2 Hemp Stalk Extract vs. CBD oil

There are major differences between the novel, unique hemp stalk extract, known as Hempanol, and standard CBD oil. The stalk extract is exclusively produced through supercritical CO2 extraction. This is a cold-processing method, where heat is never applied. This is crucial, since heat of any kind damages the delicate, highly therapeutic hemp-based molecules. This is particularly true of the.. read more →

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