16 Jan 2014

Why Oreganol P73?

North American Herb & Spice’s (NAHS) Oreganol P73 is the world’s only wild oregano formula guaranteed from food-grade wild oregano. That’s right, this is the wild spice oregano, the same one famous in Italian and Greek markets and cookery. That means it is the ideal formula for daily consumption. In fact, like eating wild oregano, daily consumption is recommended.

Oreganol is potent. It doesn’t take much to achieve its powerful effects. Even two or three drops daily is sufficient to gain much of its immense benefits. That means a .45 FL OZ bottle will last up to four months, making the P73 one of the most versatile and economical supplements known. P73 is also the only wild oregano oil formula which is a blend of carefully selected wild oregano plants growing high in the Mediterranean mountains. In fact, the wild oregano used in Oreganol P73 grows up to 12, 000 feet above sea level, far from any pollution or corruption and certainly, far from any GMOs.

There is another novel benefit of the P73 alone. This relates to radiation. It is well known that the explosion of four nuclear power-plants at Fukushima, Japan, caused an increase, globally, in radiation levels. The rain from the Pacific Ocean carries such radiation globally, as the Fukushima plants have extensively contaminated that vast water supply. The contamination from the plant is on-going. At NAHS there is great care for the people’s health and this planet. Thus, a 10-year supply of the wild oregano oil blend was purchased and brought to this country from pre-Fukushima wild oregano, pre-2011. You can count on all Oregano products for this period of time being radiation-free. Just that extra effort and are that only NAHS achieves.

Oreganol is truly a food. Use it in the mouth, in juice/water, added to food/soup – heat doesn’t negatively affect it. Take it daily; the benefits will be evident. For tougher circumstances, more can be taken. Also use Oreganol P73 topically as a rub; it is an ideal rub for the bottom of the feet and the shins, from which it can be readily absorbed through the lymphatics. P73 is available in regular strength and SuperStrength, the latter being ideal as a rub. It is also available as the highly oxygenated hydrosol, which is complimentary to the oil, that is the Juice of Oregano. For best results consume both.

Again, it is perfectly fine to take Oreganol daily. It is even potent taken every other day. The benefits are vast from such regular consumption; see the countless testimonials and the vast research on the powers of wild oregano oil throughout the Internet.

For added purity and quality the wild oregano used in the P73 is extracted only through the use of steam, and that water comes from an ancient aquifer system, deep in the mountain rock, 1000 feet below. To find the water source, incredibly, dowsers were used.

At NAHS we believe in preserving wild nature in every way possible, including in the formulas we produce. Avoid cheap imitations made with farm-raised oregano, Mexican sage, Thymus capitatus, or GMOs. Yes, direly, a number of the oregano oils available are genetically modified and, therefore, toxic. Consume only the real and original wild oregano oil, Oreganol P73, the leader, the first, the only edible blend, and the one people depend upon for the power and potency, as well as purity, that only Oreganol P73 provides.

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003-SuperStrength Oreganol P73

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  1. I bought a bottle of these OREGANOL P73 to try for my chest congestion. I’m taking this 2 tablespoon 2x daily as per instruction. my question is how long will I keep taking this Oreganol ? Also I have a testimony regarding this Oreganol ’cause while I was taking this liquid I keep it into my mouth for as long I can hold it , I was having a canker sore in my tongue and the inside portion on my cheek. I was amazed because my canker sore will last for about a week but this one lasted only for 2-3 days. So ithought this liquid can also help in healing a canker sore :).


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