Oregano P73 Products

We use only the purest, highest quality ingredients in our Oregano oil products. This is the true wild oregano P73. Oreganol P73 is a blend of edible species of wild oregano grown on natural, mineral-rich soil from the Mediterranean.

Germ-a-Clenz 2 fl oz
Germ-a-Clenz is the natural, non-toxic way to kill germs
Germ-a-Clenz 4 fl oz
Germ-a-Clenz is the natural, non-toxic way to kill germs
H2 Orega 1 fl oz
Mycelized wild oil of oregano-the water soluable type
Herbal Bug-X 4 fl oz
Herbal Bug-X natural insect repellent repels all biting insects more effectively than any other natural insect repellent on the market.
OregaBiotic – 60 capsules
OregaBiotic is the only maximum strength multiple spice blend conveniently placed in a natural, gradual-release L-V (vegi) capsule
OregaCARE Swirl & Swallow 8 fl oz
OregaCARE Swirl & Swallow is the only edible oral cleanser that provides the power of P73 oregano
OregaClean 1 fl oz
OregaClean is the most powerful natural germ killing cleaner available. It utilizes the power of water soluble oils from wild, crude oregano P73 and wild bay leaf
OregaDENT – 1 fl oz
OregaDENT is specially formulated for use with gums and teeth
OregaFRESH Tooth Paste
OregaFRESH is the only natural fluoride-free toothpaste infused with the power of P73 oregano
OregaMax 90 capsules
Maximum strength mineral rich natural calcium and magnesium source
Oreganol Convenience Pack
The only certified-wild Mediterranean oregano oil 10 pack for convenience
Oreganol Juice – 12 fl oz
Oregano P73 Juice is a highly aromatic essence made from wild oregano