**New Products**

ActiFem – 90 capsules
Actifem is a unique blend of premium undiluted, high-potency royal jelly, wild, raw kelp, and wild mountain spices for supporting the female endocrine system.
BoneActiv Capsules 120 Count
BoneActiv Capsules are the ultimate bone/joint support formula, Raw BoneActiv is far more potent than calcium or vitamin D alone.
BoneActiv Topical rub
BoneActiv topical rub is the greatest advance yet for supporting bone and joint health. BoneActiv is based on the power of wild oils of sage, rosemary, and oregano, three of the most potent mountain herbal oils known.
Herbal Protec-X
Through the power of wild nature Herbal Protec-X protects your body from mosquitoes, fleas, and other biting insects that crawl on or bite the body.
NutriSense Raw Protein powder plus
NutriSense Raw Protein Powder Plus is the most ideal, potent vegan protein powder available. Protein is needed by every cell of the body—every day. Without it, cells and organs break down.
OregaCARE Swirl & Swallow 8 fl oz
OregaCARE Swirl & Swallow is the only edible oral cleanser that provides the power of P73 oregano.
OregaFRESH – 3.4 OZ
OregaFRESH tooth paste is the only natural fluoride-free toothpaste infused with the power of P73 oregano, one of the most potent antioxidants known.
Quick Alert 2 oz
Quick Alert 2 oz is so much more than the frantic feeling you get when you drink coffee.
ScalpClenz Conditioner
Totally chemical free. ScalpClenz Regeneration Conditioner provides the natural power of oreganol P73 plus multiple spice oil complex in an organic hair treatment.
ScalpClenz Shampoo
ScalpClenz Shampoo provides the natural power of Oreganol P73 plus multiple spice oil complex in an organic hair treatment base. This proprietary formula moisturizes and supports healthy hair and scalp.
Yac-o-Power PLUS capsules
Yac-o-Power PLUS capsules has the power of organic Peruvian yacon root concentrate, 33:1. This is a raw concentrate.