Honeys & Syrups

We use only the purest, highest quality ingredients in our honeys & Syrups. Never from sugar fed bees or any artificial sweeteners. The power of wild, raw nature in each and every bottle. Never any additives or harsh chemicals you find in other wild honeys and syrups. Our products are all based on whole food source, that we hand pick and deliver to you.

Canadian Wild Prarie Honey 9 oz
North American Herb & Spice Canadian Wild prairie honey, raw/undiluted
Car-o-Power 12 fl oz
Wild Car-o-Power is a natural source of antioxidants
Date-o-Power 12 fl oz
Date-o-Power is the only 100% natural mountain-grown Mediterranean date concentrate available
Grape-e-Power 12 fl oz
Grape-e-Power is the only 100% natural mountain-grown Mediterranean source grape concentrate available
IncaPower 12 fl oz
The Amazon Rainforest flourishes with many fruits and berries, which the natives rely upon as a major food source
Mediterranean Wild Flower Honey 9 oz
Wild Mediterranean Flower Honey is the real honey from bees never fed sugar
Orange Blossom Honey 9 oz
Neroli Orange Blossom Honey, raw/undiluted.
PomaMax 12 fl oz
PomaMax is the only 100% natural mountain-grown Mediterranean pomegranate concentrate available
Resvera-Flo 4 fl oz
Resvera-Flo is the only natural grape-source resveratrol and ellagic acid supplement available
Wild Oregano Honey 9 oz
The bees which make this wild food are never fed sugar, and instead eat from their own honey
Wild Thistle Honey 9 oz
From the mountains of the Mediterranean's Fertile Crescent comes this rich and flavorful honey
Our highly concentrated formula Yac-o-Power is made from Wild and Organic Yacon root found in remote places of Peru