Why SinuOrega?

Why SinuOrega – Multi-Spice Nasal Wash? Fungi and mold spores are alive in our environment. They flourish in the air we breathe because of spring rains and the subsequent moisture that settles. They enter our bodies through nasal passages and then thrive upon the sugar in our diet. Consequently, it is very important to not.. read more →

Chag-o-Power — The Original Wild Chaga Mushroom Extract

Chag-o-Power — The Original Chaga Mushroom Extract Chag-o-Power is the most potent wild chaga mushroom extract known. This is no common mushroom. Chaga-o-Power is made from the rare chaga fungus found only on a rare amount of wild birch trees. It is emulsified in organic extra virgin olive oil, the legendary oil of wild oregano.. read more →

Chag-o-Charge — The Original Wild Chaga Tea

Chag-o-Charge wild chaga tea  is a truly unique and whole food blend. It is made from the most potent mushroom known, the wild chaga mushroom. It also contains unrefined, sun-dried, certified organic, black maca root and wild white birch bark. Chag-o-Charge is one of the most potent whole food complexes on earth, because it contains.. read more →

Why PolarPOWER Wild Sockeye Salmon Fish oil?

Why PolarPOWER Wild Sockeye Salmon Fish oil? North American Herb & Spice is proud to bring you the most exceptional fish oil on the market, PolarPOWER, from wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. We have waited a long time to bring this fish oil to the public, because we wanted to harvest the fish ethically, use sustainable.. read more →

Why Oreganol P73?

Why Oreganol P73? North American Herb & Spice’s (NAHS) Oreganol P73 is the world’s only wild oregano formula guaranteed from food-grade wild oregano. That’s right, this is the wild spice oregano, the same one famous in Italian and Greek markets and cookery. That means it is the ideal formula for daily consumption. In fact, like.. read more →

Happy Holidays From North American Herb and Spice!

Happy Holidays From North American Herb and Spice! read more →

Introducing Yac-o-Power Plus capsules

Yac-o-Power PLUS is the power of organic Peruvian yacon root concentrate, 33:1. This is a raw concentrate. There is no other yacon that compares. These yacon root capsules are a source of prebiotic inulin, plus the finest plant-based probiotic complex, Ecologic 500, which supports a healthy digestive tract as a food for the good bacteria. It’s PLUS, because Yac-o-Power PLUS is fortified with organic yellow maca, wild camu camu. read more →

BaoMax – Featuring the tropical baobab fruit

BaoMax is the ideal naturally tart drink mix made from the wild tropical baobab fruit, along with organic Amazonian cocona. The baobab fruit is a delicious, high-nutrition African fruit with great historical use. The baobab fruit has even been called the Vitamin Tree by National Geographic writers and referred to as the “Tree of Life.” read more →

No NAHSCo products affected by enzyme recall

A recent article released announced possible contamination of an enzyme recall in products provided in several countries including the United States. We feel it is our duty to inform our customers that our products containing enzymes, Gastronex and Inflameez, are not affected by any product recalls related to this incident. read more →

North American Herb & Spice is proud to announce our first ever social media contest.

In our quest to get the word out about our products we are holding a Facebook contest to generate more likes. 500 Likes to be exact – is the goal! Once we reach our goal we will be holding a random drawing and one Lucky winner will receive an Oreganol products basket valued at over $250 (see picture). read more →